Directed by Michel Fuzellier

Pilot of a TV series

Storyboard by Michel Fuzellier / Characters design by Barbara Cipollone / Animation by Gertie / Produced by Gertie – Rai

SBRAIN is a comic interactive, trans-media concept aimed at an audience of kids, pre-teen and teenagers, composed by a TV series made in 2D and 3D CGI of 52 episodes by 11 minutes and some other cross-media projects inspired by the tv show. It deals with humorous, daily adventures set in a little girl’s head: a place inhabited by humanized sentient nerve cells, that speak, walk, feel emotion and work hard to make sure that the neural apparatus (and therefore all the rest of the organism) carries out its proper function. A varied universe, populated by fun creatures, where each has its own task, coordinated by the « Brain Team », the special squad ready to intervene in case of malfunctioning.

It’s produced by Gertie Production in partnership with Rai Fiction as co-producer.